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The Registre A110 DINALPIN is a public website accessible to all for information.

This is by no means the official website of the manufacturer.

The purpose of the Registre A110 DINALPIN is to inform car enthusiasts called A110 DINALPIN.

No one can claim to have used the Registre A110 site to buy a vehicle in confidence, and then reproach statements that would not or no longer be appropriate.

The elements referenced on a car registered in the Registre A110 DINALPIN cannot be opposed to the author of the website to claim a possible "loss of chance" when buying a car, for example.

Informations contained in the Registre A110 DINALPIN is scalable according to the elements that may be discovered over the years. For example, anyone can only claim from the moment a car has been purchased, the Registre A110 DINALPIN freezes for the chassis number of that car!

If these statements were removed, and a buyer in the future of this vehicle knew that information had been hidden from him and even removed from the Registre A110 DINALPIN website, he could rightly bring proceedings not only for cancelling the sale or price adjustment against the seller, but also reproach Registre A110 DINALPIN for having complied with requests from an owner who, wishing to keep the value he estimates, pressured Registre A110 DINALPIN to remove annoying statements for this presumed value.

As for the "expertise" that many enthusiasts advance, it is an expertise on the mechanical condition and/or bodywork of a car, and in no case does this expertise attest that the vehicle's registration documents correspond with certainty to the chassis and bodywork... It is therefore not enforceable.

The expertise is done with the presentation of a registration document and the control of the chassis plates, the expert not having the ability to determine if these plates are authentic or redone (many blank plates are in circulation on the web, or elsewhere...)

Unfortunately, the life of the A110s is complex and you have to assume, by buying such a car, that your past can come back. This is the ultimate goal of Registre A110 DINALPIN. It is also protection for current buyers who are victims of theft, for example, or future buyers of the A110 DINALPIN's, but this is done as research on these cars advances. Their history cannot be frozen for "financial" and "abundant" considerations in the interest of owners who wish to maintain a good reputation for their heritage despite the cruel reality.

For example, if new information about a car appears, after having been verified and attested by testimony and no evidence to the contrary is provided to contradict this information, this new information will be posted on the A110 Registry website. On the other hand, if research made it possible to find the true identity of a car before it acquired another identity, and reached its rightful owner..., the latter could then claim the restitution of his property!